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Tekken 7 - Logo _ White BG by LA-Laker Tekken 7 - Logo _ White BG by LA-Laker

The logo for Tekken 7 (White Background).

Main Wishlist Ideas:
- Starts off with 10 available characters from Version A. You need to unlock all 50 of 60. Choose your fighter's path against a range of 25-36 characters. Unlockable characters will all be available in Scenario Campaign, Story Mode, Online Mode, Survival, etc. (Both offline and online modes). Surprise Exclusives: Angel and Devil are the 2 additions, equaling the overall total of 60 playable characters!
- the NEW "Grand Tournament Mode" was my idea.

Mode Selections:

1) Scenario Campaign
- Online Mode
- Offline Mode… (Jun and Nina:…

2) Story Mode - Battle your way in a total of 13-14 stages with prologues, various cutscenes, epilogue and CG Endings. No rankings, and unable to unlock characters in this mode. You can only unlock CG endings.

3) Arcade Challenge - The same between Tekken 5 & 6. Arcade Edition in 13 Stages
(Image Examples:……

4) VS Battle - Classic 2-player face-off.

5) Team Battle - A range of 1 to 8 fighters in a team.

6) Ghost Battle - Battle against downloadable ghosts from online players. Ranked Offline Battle

7) Tekken Ball - Classic Tekken 3 mini-game and it's back with a new twist. Finish 20 characters in Story Mode for this one.

8) Gold Rush - Unlock 25 characters in Scenario Campaign for this mode.

9) Tekken Dojo - Finish 15 characters in Story Mode. This mode also has mini-games in it.

10) Survival - Finish 20 characters in Scenario Campaign. See how many opponents you can beat in this mode.

11) Time Attack - The same as always.

12) Online Battle
- Ranked Match
- Player Match
- Create Room

13) Grand Tournament - NEW! (Both available online and offline) - 32 chosen ones will face off in a tournament bracket. You get mostly roulette bonuses and improving your ranks. Unlock 48 characters to gain access.

14) Practice…
- Defensive Training
- Command Training
- Many more...

15) Profile Center (Customize, Records, Replays, Theater)

16) Gallery

17) Options

- Rivalries:
Gallery 001: Irene Rose vs Asuka Kazama - (001:… Anime Wallpaper - Irene and Asuka: (…

- New Character Ideas - Scraped Art:
(Irene Rose - Scraped:…
(Otis Zidane - Scraped:…
(Diana Dunst - Scraped:…
(Tia Hyun Jae - Scraped:…
(Monte Zanja - Scraped:…
(Rodney Mace - Scraped:…
(Kalia Guintu - Scraped:…
(Dante Giovanni - Scraped:…
(Tony - Scraped:…
(Alex Jr. - Scraped:…
(Veronica Lynx - Scraped:…
(Gabriel Xavier - Scraped:…

- Groups:
(Asuka and Otis: [1]… [2]…
(Hwoarang and Lili:…
(Jin and Lili:…
(Jin and Nina:…
(Jin and Xiaoyu:… requested by :!generationriser
(Julia, Hwoarang, and Lili:…
(Lili and Xiaoyu:…
(Nina and Anna's - St. Patrick's Day:…
(Xavier and Christie: [1]… [2]… requested by :!generationriser

- Singles:
(Alisa Bosconovitch:…
(Ling Xiaoyu's Yellow Dress:…

Tekken 7 - Hi-Res Anime Poster:…
Tekken 7 - Health Meter and Text:…
Tekken 7 - Stage Ideas:…
Tekken 7 - Character Move List:…
Tekken 7 - New Feature Ideas:…

Logo in Background (Including Character List):…

Asuka Kazama
Baek Doo San - Hunting Hawk
Dante Giovanni - Raging Bull
Diana Dunst
Irene Rose - Dangerous Thorn
Ling Xiaoyu
Otis Zidane -
Tia Hyun Jae - Gold Lioness
Veronica Lynx

Fighting Styles (Confirmed):
Alex Jr. - Commando Wrestling
Anna Williams
Armor King
Aron van Dijk- A.B.H Military Based Martial Arts
Asuka Kazama
Baek Doo San
Bruce Irvin - Muay Thai
Bryan Fury - Kickboxing
Christie Monteiro - Capoeira
Craig Marduk - Vale Tudo
Dante Giovanni - Boxing
Diana Dunst
Eddy Gordo - Capoeira
Feng Wei - Chinese Kenpo
Forest Law - Jeet Kune Do
Gabriel Xavier - Shaolin Kung Fu
Ganryu - Sumo Wrestling
Heihachi Mishima
Hwoarang - Tae Kwon Do
Irene Rose - Wrestling
Jack-7 - Powerful Brute Force
Jin Kazama - Traditional Karate
Julia Chang -
Jun Kazama -
Kalia Guintu - Pangamut
Kazuya Mishima -
Lars Alexandersson - 
Lee Chaolan -
Lei Wulong -
Leo Kliesen - 
Ling Xiaoyu
Michelle Chang
Miguel Caballero Rojo
Miharu Hirano -
Monte Zanja - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Nina Williams -
Otis Zidane - Savate
Paul Phoenix
Rama Chaiya - Muay Boran
Raven - Ninjitsu
Rodney Mace - Pencak Silat
Sergei Dragunov - Combat Sambo
Steve Fox - Boxing
Taras Prihodko - War Hopak
Tia Hyun Jae - MMA integrated with Gongkwon Yusul
Tiger Jackson - Various Martial Arts
Tony - Street Brawling
Veronica Lynx - Krav Maga
Wang Jinrei
Yoshimitsu -

Tekken 8 - Teaser Poster (Vector Art):…

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